Announcing the 2007 & 2008

Wild West Wealth Audio Library


25 Speakers...

Billions of dollars in revenues...

delivered right to your home or office...

at a tiny fraction of what others paid


  • The secrets of marketing and growing your business on a limited budget: including low cost and no cost strategies any business can use

  • Easy ways to find new prospects - that are waiting to hear your message and how to turn the 'tire-kickers' into serious buyers and devoted fans

  • Powerful money making blueprints that have never been disclosed all in one place before

  • The take-it-to-the-bank implementation program that hands you the step-by-step action plan customized to YOUR business - you'll be implementing money producing changes before you even leave the event!




If you are…


… An Eager, SELF-EMPLOYED ENTREPRENEUR looking for simple strategies to turn your ‘small business’ into a BIG business… without having to go through the school-of-hard-knocks…


…A BUSINESS OWNER looking for proven secrets to build your business faster…

with less effort and hard work


…A SALES PROFESSIONAL looking to break free of the sales ‘game’ and understand the proven skills you need to live a life of abundance…


…Anyone SEEKING MORE FINANCIAL FREEDOM in your life and tired of struggling to find the easy way to achieve your dreams.


... Getting your piece of the pie has never been easier.


A special letter from

Troy "Saddlestrap" White

and his Notorious Posse

of Profit Makers

My name is Troy White, and I have quickly and quietly become one of the world's leading experts on growing small businesses. said this about my work, "Clever marketing ideas galore and lots of contrarian thinking on what works and what doesn't..."  


What is really important right now is the economy. 


It stinks. 


But not every business is feeling the pain. 


Chris attended my Wild West Marketing and Wealth Summit in June of 2008.  Using the tools he learned there, he was able to launch a new business that is bringing him upwards of $1,000 a day... in a recession.


Here is what he had to say...


"Thanks to Troy White's Wild West Marketing Summit, I finally launched a new membership program that is now pulling in an average of $1,000 per day in PROFIT!

I think your event, your information, your personality is incredible!"

Chris Vermeulen


As you can see with all the testimonials on this page and through this link, the content delivered was GOLD. 


Those who took it and applied it have seen substantial returns. And those who get the tools now, can thrive in the coming months... no matter what is happening in the local economy. 


The right tools in the right hands and any business can accomplish great things.


Until now, the audios of 2007 and 2008

were never available in a digital form.


But I have decided to change that. 


You could have gotten the physical audios and dvds of the event, and paid what the live attendees did ($895 in 2008 alone).


Things have changed since then, and I am offering you the chance to get BOTH YEARS... 25 different world class experts... for a tiny fraction of the price.


Have a look at the incredible line up you get delivered to your computer right now...

Ted Nicholas

Wanted for questioning on how he made $4.9 billion dollars in revenues using direct marketing showmanship!


Ted Nicholas is a legend in the marketing circles.  He opened my eyes to the true power of your words – and he showed me that measurable marketing gives you complete power over how much or how little you make.


TED HAS MADE OVER $4.9 BILLION DOLLARS in revenues  for his clients and self.   


He flew all the way from Switzerland to teach you his tricks of the trade, and I considered it an absolute honor to have my mentor presenting his newest findings at the Wild West Wealth Summit.


Ted has sold everything from books to vitamins to seminars – he has built and sold 21 different companies of his own. (Many of those in the high 7-figure range!)


Let me ask you this, a man who has made almost $5 billion for his clients wants to share his insights with you… would that not be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? 



In 8 years - - a $74,500,000 (yes, that’s million) Increase in Sales


“When I first came to Ted's seminar in 1998, I was generating

$500,000 annually. With his incredible marketing ideas and copy,

we now are doing over $75,000,000.”


- Dr. Reinhard Hittich, President, GreenPower Netherlands



Ted gave 2 different talks at Wild West... Copywriting Secrets of the Billion Dollar man... and Success Secrets for Passionate Entrepreneurs. 

Over 4 HOURS of Ted Nicholas... that alone is worth FAR MORE than the cost of this entire library.

Bob Burg

Wanted in questioning on how he consistently increases sales using positive persuasion and money-making referral systems.

Bob Burg regularly appears on the motivational rally circuit featuring speaking legends such as Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, CNN's Larry King, Dr. Denis Waitley, Mary Lou Retton, Coach Lou Holtz, Radio Legend Paul Harvey, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, former U.S. President Gerald Ford and many others.  

His articles have been published internationally in hundreds of professional and trade magazines.

His books are used by both individuals and companies to gain important interpersonal skills necessary for success!


  • Learn how to implement referral systems into your business that can literally eliminate the need for advertising or additional marketing

  • Discover how Bob turned three publications (2 books & a booklet) into hundreds of thousands of sales!

  • Relationship selling in a cold, distant world… leveraging technology to actually get closer to your clients than further away

  • Danger: If you go to networking events and do this – you destroy your chances of ever getting any future business from those you meet

  • The simple piece of paper (not even a whole piece paper) that can revolutionize the way you find hot new, high paying clients


Sheila McNally - The Beer Baroness who took over the world dominated by the big boys. Join Sheila as she discussed Alberta's second Natural Resource.... premium micro-brewed beer.  

The company’s creed is: “To create a masterpiece no compromise may be tolerated.”  Big Rock Brewery has grown from a start-up with an idea into a publicly traded $38,000,000 success story.  Listen in as Ed talks about:

  • How to generate huge buckets of cash working with your passion…even if you’re starting from scratch.
  • How he went from representing a group of Alberta barley growers in a law suit to being the owner of a publicly traded $38,000,000 brewing company…And, how you can implement similar strategies to create your own empire.
  • What being a good farmer has to do with running a multi-million dollar company (You’ll be grabbing for the pitchfork by the time the weekend is over!)
  • The importance of market research and why so many do it wrong and sabotage their business from the very beginning…He won’t let it happen to you!
  • How one event in 1988 changed his company and quickly catapulted him into the U.S., making Big Rock a household name among beer drinkers.
  • The 2 most significant factors that contributed to Big Rock’s rapid and profitable growth. (Secret – it’s probably not what you think)

Paul Vickers - The Saloon and Nightclub messiah who single-handedly changed the face of Calgary, and who even attracts British Royalty into his infamous establishments.

Ask anyone across the globe who has heard of the Calgary Stampede and the infamous bars there - and they KNOW Cowboys.  It has become one of Paul's shining stars, and a multi-million dollar a year bonanza.  Paul will be sharing his most powerful marketing strategies for growing a business into an internationally known brand that commands premium pricing and media attention.  Paul will share:

  • How a poor boy from Frankfurt, Ontario created the IBM of the restaurant world and now earns nearly $50 million a year in sales. Discover how these killer marketing strategies can help you fill your bank accounts.
  • The #1 key he attributes to his success and how you can make sure you’ve got it too.
  • The single most important trait responsible for his success. And, how to get it if you don’t already have it.
  • How he turned his restaurants into a brand that commands premium pricing and media attention. He’ll uncover his proven marketing secrets for building your brand right in the room.

All 25 speakers in immediately

downloadable digital form for only $197

($297 if you want them loaded on a MP3 player

and delivered to your door as well


Darren Weeks - How To Buy Your Customers a Chicken Dinner and Rake in The Profits...

President of Fast Track to Cash Flow Inc., is an inspired publisher, entrepreneur, Business Builder and Real Estate Investor and has been trained in financial coaching by Choice Performance, for life and business coaching. Darren will be sharing with you the strategies for financial success and freedom for entrepreneurs and small business owners including:

  • The shift in thinking you MUST make if you really want to start creating wealth. How to make it and then what to do with it.
  • The tip he got at a young age from a family friend that forever influenced the way he thought of money and business. This could change your life.
  • How reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” led him to the achievement of being the most successful facilitator of CASHFLOW events in Canada and how you can adapt these same principles to become the most………….in your field.
  • The secrets for selling more than 300 sales people combined and what that means for YOUR business.
  • How to leverage what you already have to sell Big.

Rory Fatt The King of Customer Loyalty Programs...shows you how to turn a $1 investment into consistent $35 returns in your business. Simple systems that guarantee you get your clients back to buy more – and more often.
  • How to turn a $1 investment into consistent $35 returns in your business
  • Simple, proven strategies for getting your clients to buy more, more often…guaranteed
  • How to clone your best customers for more sales and profits. (Don’t worry, it’s all legal)
  • How to avoid price competition altogether. Discover why it’s never really about the money.
  • What 95% of business owners don’t know and will never find out about building a lasting, top-producing business.
  • His strategies for taking his clients from people in the food business to people in the marketing business whose profits are consistently up over 20%. One even rose 150%! He’ll share the same strategies with you. (Wouldn’t this one secret alone be worth the price of admission?)

Melanie Benson Strick - Outsourcing without pain.  The real world tactics for outsourcing your work, getting 4 times as much done, with less headache and heartache.  This is a critical component to success in the entrepreneurial world of 2008 and beyond.  Melanie will share her secrets on:

  • How to let go and delegate so you can focus on what you do best…making money and the enjoying the freedom it brings.
  • A proven formula to help you determine what to delegate and what to keep so your business runs like a well-oiled machine…even when you’re off at the spa!
  • The 3 deadly mistakes entrepreneurs make with their teams and how to avoid making them. Fail to learn this little gem and you’ll be throwing your money out the window.
  • An easy 2-step plan to make money instantly by outsourcing and delegating.
  • How to leverage other people’s strengths so you can spend more time doing what you love and make more money in the process.
  • How she went from having a struggling solo practice to a thriving 6-figure business in only 9 months. Find out her breaking point (I’m sure it will sound familiar) and discover how to leverage what you already have to make success happen for you.
  • How to put the fun back in your business and start enjoying the kind of money and freedom you had in mind when you went into business for yourself in the first place.

Stephanie Frank The Success IQ Formula. Stephanie is a master at creating self-sustainable businesses, and shows you how to create your own personal blueprint for making 2008 your greatest year ever.  Stephanie will show you:

  • A step-by-step formula for choosing and mastering the best marketing strategies for your business.
  • How to breakthrough fears that are holding you back so you can move effortlessly on the road to wealth.
  • How she went from a college dropout to a multi-million dollar business owner at the age of 22. Her story (and the lessons she learned along the way) will inspire you to take the action you need to make the same success a reality for you.
  • How to find out what’s not working so you can implement the marketing strategies that will produce an abundance of new prospects, referrals and money in your pocket

Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro - Selling to Women.  The hottest, and most profitable market there is for your business.  Learn how to sell in the manners women want. Learn how to position yourself and your business to be women-friendly, and master the ability to sell high priced goods and service to this massive market. Lorrie's talk includes:
  • Why 90% of women feel advertisers don’t understand them and how to change your message so it’s what they want to hear.
  • How to psychologically tap into what women want so you can get more clients and more sales almost instantly.
  • How to exponentially grow your business with a simple secret that will have you yelling “Yee-Haw” all the way to the bank!
  • How she went from being $46,000 in debt to running a 6-figure business. And, the proven formula you can use to get there too.
  • The most important weapon in her marketing arsenal. Without it, she claims, she’d be just another failed business that never quite reached its potential. She’ll show you exactly how to use to attract more clients, more referrals and more sales.

Kent Boehm Mastery of Turning Small Businesses Into Big Businesses. Kent shares with you his formula for rapid ascension up the ladder of success. Finally achieve the kind of money and success you deserve for the effort you put into your business.  Listen in as he shows you:

  • The formula for getting paid what you deserve – finally effort = reward!
  • His strategies for building his business and personal life so you can achieve outrageous success in both at the same time. (Who says you can’t have it all?)
  • His secret to achieving success rapidly so you don’t have to wait around to experience the lifestyle you deserve.

Owen Garratt Membership Programs to Create A Higher Paying, More Consistent Client. Owen is a color-blind artist using continuity programs to sell his artwork. Everyone has heard the term "starving artist" – well, Owen shows you how his system generates top-quality clients that buy at premium prices, year after year.  Owen will discuss:

  • How he discovered he was color blind and how that led him to his current gig – best selling artist. He’ll remind you that gold is often hidden in what looks like a limitation!
  • Why over 15 of the largest corporations in the world have Owen on their payroll and how you can get your target to fork over premium payouts to you as well.
  • The keys to running membership programs that attract high-paying clients who are eager to keep dumping money in your lap.
  • The 2 most important traits of a successful continuity program and why everyone should have their eye on this model. Hint: It’ll give you more money, exposure and freedom than the winner of the Miniature Chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede. (Ok, maybe a bit more than that!)

Moreah Ragusa The Media Magnet. Moreah is an expert at getting the media talking about you and your business. She teaches you the steps for "Finding Your Brilliance" ... and using it to catapult your business to the top of your field.  Don't miss Moreah's expertise on:

  • How to get the media talking about you over and over again AND how to turn that exposure into a credibility calling card that will have clients banging down your door.
  • How “Finding Your Brilliance” will allow you to help people who are ready and waiting to hear your message and catapult your business to the top of your field.
  • The single greatest factor she attributes to her success. (Hint: You already posses  it.)  
  • Why if you want something of value, you must first give it away. This will change the way you think about yourself and your business and give you more than you ever dreamed of.
  • How she consistently proved skeptics wrong and turned them into lifelong clients AND earned hundreds of testimonials and accolades along the way.

Lars Gustafson Mind and Productivity Mastery for EntrepreneursLars has trained a number of world weightlifting champions – and has personally coached over 10,000 people from across the globe to get more done, using his exclusive system. Lars exposes the simple secrets you can use, right now, to get four times more done in a day, use your inner creativity for business breakthroughs, and live your life on your own terms. Lars will speak about:

  • Simple secrets you can use, right now, to get four times more done in a day, use your inner creativity for business breakthroughs, and live your life on your own terms
  • How he turned a passion for health and nutrition into a million dollar business and why if he can do it, anyone can.
  • How to take something that has already been done and package it and market in a way that has people lining up at your door. He wasn’t the first trainer or nutrition coach but he was the first to bring an online BodyMind Certified Nutritionist program to people all around the world. He’ll show you how to find the untapped market within your market to create the lifestyle and business you want today.

Stuart Crawford Blogging for Business. From the reasons why blogging is so important for faster growth ... to how to get started and turn a blog into a steady stream of profit. Stuart was recently named to the coveted Calgary 40 Under 40 list!  Here is secrets on:

  • How to use blogging to speed up your message to market and create a powerful web presence, no matter your industry.
  • Why you need to care A LOT about first impressions and what you can do with your blog to make yours stand out.
  • How to build your brand with your blog so that you are the name and face people know, like, trust, and come back to over and over again as the expert in your field.
  • The deadly (ok, business crushing) mistakes people make with their blogs and how to avoid them like the plague.

Sheila Musgrove - Finding and Keeping Top Talent – along with how to grow a business from startup to million dollar award winning enterprise in 3 years or less.  Sheila brings 14 years of senior and executive leadership experiences serving the staffing solutions, telecommunications, banking and finance industries, with a consistent focus on new business development and market share expansion, full-scope general operations management, and maintenance of existing high-profile accounts.  Shelia will share:

  • How she went from being a top executive in her industry to running her own million dollar award winning enterprise in less than 3 years – you can do it too, even if you’re starting from scratch.
  • How to differentiate yourself so that competition no longer matters. Among the sea of staffing organizations in Calgary, Sheila found her niche and was soon an industry leader.
  • How to find and keep top talent. You may be a small business owner but if you want to play in the big leagues, you can’t do it alone. She’ll show you exactly how to fill the gaps that bring huge returns.

All 25 speakers in immediately

downloadable digital form for only $197

($297 if you want them loaded on a MP3 player

and delivered to your door as well


"His chutzpah is almost un-Canadian...
But it's great marketing.

 Rick Spence - - The National Post, Jan '08


But, I want to be up front about something. I’m not going to come out and tell you that starting and growing a million dollar business has been purely a bed of roses, and neither will 25 of the worlds' most successful and talented entrepreneurs who’ll be speaking at the summit.

I will be blowing open the curtains on some of the most critical mistakes and profound decisions I made along the way that have made it possible for me to reach my goals…so that you can reach yours even sooner.

That’s the whole point of these summit audios.

I am going to be opening a new door for you to peer inside the mind of those who make marketing their main tool for creating millions.

Let’s face it, figuring out how the top millionaire makers are marketing themselves and their businesses (so you can categorically steal their ideas and implement them yourself) can be the difference between living the life you’ve always wanted or sitting back and watching everyone else enjoying the freedom, money, and success you know YOU deserve.

WOW!  The most valuable business information ever presented in one room I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.  Will mean 100’s of thousands of dollars to my business!  Experience has been priceless.  Thank you so much for everything you have done to bring this all together.” – Cheryl Hurlburt

*  *  * 

“Really talked to what I needed to learn and took some dread out of future events.  Great information! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event.  It was fantastic!  We are already so busy putting forth ideas that we got from the summit.  I'm very excited.  I look forward to working with you in the future."
– Jodie Gateman

*  *  * 

"At last, a summit you can attend that teaches you how to become wealthy. You will be as amazed as I was, with all the information you will take away with you. I am putting this new knowledge into action right away. Discover this in person; you will want to tell everyone you know about this summit. I will be sending my two sons to the next summit Troy White has. Troy stepped out of the box with a WINNER in my books. This is for everyone, anywhere in the world. Sit back and imagine yourself sitting at the next summit, with like-minded individuals like yourself. You are networking and maybe you will find someone to do a joint venture with and you make a million. Would that excite you and light a fire within you. How amazing is that, you will hate yourself for missing the opportunity when it arises next. - Tamra Baxter

*  *  * 

This was my first seminar of this nature.  I am very impressed with quality of speakers and their knowledge.” – Maureen Dennis

*  * 

Also appearing on the summit audios are:


Dr. Ellie Drake

Wanted in questioning on how she became a Doctor, Inspirational Speaker, Author & Millionaire without hardly even knowing the English language.

How does someone come to America with little English, a heavy accent and no financial resources… become a Doctor, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Millionaire?


Discover the secrets of a multi-millionaire marketing maven, Dr Ellie Drake.  She speaks to audiences of 10,000 and more right alongside Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hanson and Tony Robbins. 

Learn from Ellie:

  • Secrets to Building irreversible momentum in growing your business from the ground up

  • Once you implement these steps, stand back and watch as it starts to take on a life of it’s own, growing at a frantic pace (leaving you wondering where all this success was earlier!)

  • 90 days to a magical money manifestation! Learn how and why the 90 day plan is the only feasible one for you – and why it works so consistently for those who implement it

  • Boost your vocal power allowing it to subconsciously attract people's attention when you speak-Something we all take for granted which holds the secrets of creating and manifesting all that you want in your business & life

  • When Actors and Actresses need a jolt of energy and confidence, learn what they do to heat things up quickly

David Rachford

Wanted for questioning on he has turned a "damage control" Navy background into a Millionaire Manifesto & multi-faceted business empire.

David is another under the radar success story who quietly goes about building an empire using untraditional techniques that spread like wildfire.

  • Discover how David manages to run and simultaneously grow multiple empires and projects

  • Learn how his former Navy Firefighter Background taught him to put out planes crash fires on aircraft carriers in 60 seconds or less – and how it applies to your business growth over the next 12 months after the Wild West Wealth Summit.


  • Uncover how the gunslinger attitude keeps the IRS at bay from his clients pocketbooks (David is a Certified public accountant – but don’t hold it against him – he is also a VERY successful marketer in multiple niche markets)

  • Underground secrets of battling the BILLION DOLLAR COMPETITORS – and how you can steal away their best clients and covet them as your own (and it has NOTHING to do with pricing… trying to win that battle will never work – discover what does)

  • Learn how a simple inspiration has sparked a new multi-million dollar idea and empire – and how he launched it while running his other empires simultaneously

Terry Hall

Wanted for questioning on how this business school has made more millionaires than any other school in existence.

Imagine uncovering the secret school that gave the following their start:

  • Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul books)

  • Tony Robbins (Unlimited Power program)

  • Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad Series)

  • Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's

  • to name a few

A school rarely discussed in North America – yet is graduating in excess of 1,500 people a year in China (and many have gone on to millionaire, even billionaire status).

 A school that does not use traditional training techniques – rather complete immersion strategies to completely rewire the way you think – act – and make deals in your business today.

Terry will be sharing inspires only advice on:

  • The big mistake most entrepreneurs make when they build their business from the ground up… and how you can instantly correct this destructive habit (no matter how far along, or successful, you are in your business)

  • A way to quickly LEVERAGE what you know and who you know, to accomplish more in the 30 days after Money & You than you would have in the 30 WEEKS prior. Some people achieve more than the previous 30 months.

  • The simple change you can make to attract the right people into your life and your business

  • The simple way to “clone” yourself within your business so you CAN be free from what you have created (rather than creating a successful business but being chained to it, unable to even take a couple week vacation)

  • And much more…

Mandie Crawford

Wanted in questioning on how she builds brands that stand out from the crowd & has neighbors yapping all about it!

Rip Roaring Woman Mandie Crawford (the persuader) is an expert on branding and culling that herd of yours – so you have just the right base to work from. Then she’ll show you how to double that herd likety split! 

Born and raised all over this fine country she has traveled from east to west working with men and women helping them to expand their businesses and fill their pockets with gold .  She is an author, former columnist with a big city slicker newspaper, and an expert on human behavior.  From cowhands to boss hogs, she kin get into your head and help you to figure out how you can be outstanding in your field.

 Crawford has been a rancher herself as well as a former police officer (once a persuader – always a persuader!) and has grown her current herd across Canada and has just expanded to include Yankees and the like. 

She could likely sell snake oil to a snake oil salesman – but instead spends her time helping others to develop their herd and get recognizable presence in the community. 

She has been awarded several gold stars for her marketing and leadership  and will have you tipping your hat back and scratching your head in wonder at the ideas and questions she'll raise about your organization!  You better watch your hide she’ll have you re-branded quicker than you can say yehaw.  If your ready for a root-tooting, rip-snortin time – you better be sure to reserve a front row seat for this session!

Don’t worry about starting that bonfire for branding – Mandie the Pursuader Crawford will light that fire under you faster than you can say scat.   And never mind polish them branding irons jest yet – you might be wanting to visit the blacksmith and get them re-tooled. 

Crawford will show you how to build a brand that will stand out from the crowd and have all the neighbors yapping about you. She’s an expert on getting a good gossip started.

And once you got that brand figured out she’ll show you jest how you can cull out the deadwood in yur business that's been slowing you down.  When you leave you’ll have the knowledge of how to choose the best of you herd and double it pretty darn quick.

Belt Buckle Branding ensures that you develop a fine looking brand and make sure you place it where everyone is looking.  And while their busy flapping their gums about what you got- their helping you to grow your herd!  Saddle up pardner and get your hide to this event.

Daniel Levis

Wanted in questioning on how he has doubled, triples & quadrupled responses of already profitable websites.

Before catching the Internet marketing bug, Daniel Levis quietly mated the skills of the super salesman with the written word to sell tens of millions of dollars worth of high tech products and services to fortune 500 corporations.

His clients gush about the profit spikes he brings them, citing sales increases of 200%, 300%, as much as 400% in mere weeks, and his own information products routinely bring in an incredible two to three dollars for every dollar spent in advertising to stone cold strangers.

  Daniel has also collaborated with other top-flight online marketing talent like Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, John Carlton, and Dan Kennedy to produce several acclaimed marketing and copywriting information products.

Daniel will share real life client case studies where he doubled, tripled, and quadrupled the response of already profitable web sites by applying 5 simple yet massively overlooked strategies that are making his clients millions …

  • A simple five-point checklist that uncovers 20-minute website changes that can be quickly and easily applied to any online business to double your sales and profits …

  • Subtle tactics rarely used online that will get more people to read and consider every word on your website with an open mind

  • How to disarm sales resistance instantly the moment your prospects arrive at your website and actually make them feel guilty for NOT buying …

  • How to plug the leaks in your sales process that are currently causing people to leave your website without taking meaningful action …

  • How to bank up to $4 dollars in sales for every dollar you spend driving traffic to your website with pay per click advertising …

  • And much more!

Shaune Clarke

Wanted in questioning on how he turns

 simple questions into highly successful

marketing campaigns.


A Canadian talk show host turned marketing consultant. Years as

a talk show host have given Shaune a unique appreciation for

human nature and what moves people to respond. He uses his

 interviewing skills to uncover the hidden emotions that trigger

 prospects to buy.


He Says…“Interviewing is The Triple-Threat of Internet


Marketing -- Sales Copy -- Product Development -- All In One!

 At Wild West Wealth, Shaune Will Show You…

How To Use The Power of Intimate Interviews To Quickly Create:

  • Expert Status
  • A Surge of FREE Traffic
  • Unstoppable Marketing BUZZ
  • In-Demand, High-Margin, Products
  • Emotion-Rich Sales Copy


  • Instant Credibility With Joint Venture Partners

Interviewing Is More Than a Question And Answer Session; It’s An Intimate Experience!

Troy White

Wanted in questioning on how he managed to not only put together such an amazing line-up of speakers - but how he continues to make his clients millions.

You may or may not know much about me.  My specialty is turning your words into wealth.  From the sales campaigns and advertisements I create for businesses like yours, to the training I provide to help you put together winning marketing materials. 
During the Wild West Wealth Summit, I am going to share with you some of my most prized techniques that have put me at the top of my game in a very short period of time. 


  • Why most business owners continually struggle to make money in their business, and the simple mindset shift that can completely eliminate your struggle forever

  • What one big ah-hah moment I had at a $5,000 per person 2 day event in 2002 that has provided me with crystal clear vision on what I need to do next to generate cash flow when I needed

  • First time ever revealed: my Action Reaction Formula - what it means to you after the Summit - and how you can make this the foundation for the last 6 months of the year to make yourself a bundle

  • How I have single-handedly made millions of dollars for my clients with a 1-2-3 blueprint that you can easily steal from me and use in your own business

  • Discover some major breakthroughs I recently had on generating media buzz and building a strong relationship with my paying clients

Plus all the exciting tools and techniques I will reveal in the Million Dollar Copywriting class with Ted Nicholas!


Click here now to get access


“Hear What Participants Are Saying About

The 2007 & 2008 Wild West Wealth Summit ...”

Do we deliver on our promises? We over-deliver! But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what a few of the participants from last year’s event tell us: 


*  *  * 

Great Summit!  Well work the drive from Arizona.  Thanks so much for everything.” – Kathleen Moser

*  *  * 

“Great Value.  Little hesitation to attend, price fit and presentations where fantastic and unmatched!” – Nathan Lee

To see all the testimonials... click this link



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All 25 speakers in immediately

downloadable digital form for only $197

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Your Wild West Gold Nugget Guarantee


My policy has always been that you carry NO RISK with a complete hassle-free guarantee. Listen to these audios, and if you can honestly say that the successful entrepreneurs speaking there don’t know what they are talking about and cannot help you and your business… you will get every dime back.


A bold claim – but an even bolder guarantee.

This is exciting for me to give you first hand chance at getting access to these audios like this - at this price – and I do look forward to hearing your feedback.


That’s the only way I want to do business.


It’s the way I wish other companies treated ME.


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As I said earlier, my biggest thrills come from seeing the light go on in the eyes of other business people ... seeing them take their new-found knowledge or inspired ideas and run with them ... increasing their profits exponentially. That’s my goal.

That’s why I’ve priced this Library within the grasp of every business person out there.

Simply put ... you will not find so much marketing material in one place at this price point. Your potential Return-On-Investment is unlimited!

Who should get these audios?

Business Owners - who want to discover new ways to improve your revenues using online and offline promotional techniques

Professionals - doctors, accountants, financial advisors who feel trapped in their business and want faster, easier ways to earn more while working less

Entrepreneurs - who are seeking out hot new trends and amazing opportunities for expansion

Sales Professionals - who want to land more new clients without cold calls, using more referral and word of mouth business tactics

Contractors, handymen, service providers - learn how to attract higher paying clients, with less hassle and price concern

Marketing Professionals - who want to learn what hot new techniques are working using web sites, blogs, email marketing, offline direct mail, postcards, word of mouth, referrals, branding

Copywriters -who want to learn from the masters who will help you infuse your words with raw persuasion so you can make you and your clients a bundle

Authors and information publishers - who are selling information products.  Listen in carefully and learn how tens of thousands of books can be sold using the right systems

Look, if you find yourself working harder and harder each day, but you’re getting fewer and fewer new clients, sales and referrals week after week, then doesn’t it make sense to stop spinning your wheels and find out what really works from 14 of the top marketing professionals working in the field today?

If you can't distinguish your marketing methods, both on and off-line (or don’t have any that seem to be working for you at all) from those of your closest competitors, then isn’t it time you started seeing extraordinary results. Remember, normal actions produce normal results. Nothing about these speakers is ordinary. Come see and learn from the best so you can flat out steal their strategies for your own good.

This seminar was specifically designed to help small business play a bigger game. This is your chance to make more money in less time and with less effort.

So isn’t time you made a loud statement to the rest of the small business owners out there about how smart you really are?  

If you’re as smart and saavy as I think you are, then take this step toward having your business be the one you’ve always dreamed it could be. It’s all here for the taking.

And, you get

All 25 speakers in immediately

downloadable digital form for only $197

($297 if you want them loaded on a MP3 player

and delivered to your door as well)

That's Right! This investment is less than you spend on your cell phone bill in a year - and much more effective at helping you build a million dollar business! 

To your success!


PS: How often in your life will a TEAM of bona fide millionaire-makers… ones who actually walk the talk… offer to coach you to success and share the intimate details of how they got where they are? 

Opportunities like this one can dramatically increase your income, give you more time off… and give you the lifestyle that you have previously only dreamed of! It’s your choice… continue on as if nothing needs changing in your life, or make that one decision that changes it all.






A few of my clients speak out...

"We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs"

"I must say that the Results that we have seen from Troy's marketing skills have been amazing.  I did a test run to one of our lists and the numbers were quite impressive,  although it was done during a holiday weekend.  See for yourself! 

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs.  The most exciting part is that the orders kept  coming and coming with no further effort from me. 

Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales. 

The investment in his services has been well worth it and  we can see how the profits will continue to come in.  I would Highly recommend Troy's services.   You want to take advantage of his talent and expertise now because I am sure his prices will go up soon.

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions

* * * * * * * * *

"Your last piece created over $47,857 in revenues for us,

within the first 48 hours..."

Troy, thanks for all your great work.  Your copy is energetic and engaging and touches deep into the soul of the exact audience we are targeting.

Your last piece created over $47,857 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours... not only that... it all happened during the weekend which is absolutely the worst time to launch a new web campaign like this.

Thanks again Troy, I look forward to many more successful product launches with your expertise at my side."

Joel Christopher

* * * * * * * * *

Troy wrote an marketing campaign and advertisement for me that I had to stop using!


Not because it wasn't working -

but because it was bringing me in too many leads!


In a highly competitive industry like mine, the ad Troy wrote for me pulled in a substantial amount of new business to me.  Thanks Troy... you are my new secret weapon to build my business.  


Look forward to working with you further. 


Donna-Lee Powers, Calgary

* * * * * * * * *

One of the best young copywriters

in North America today

"Troy White has attended three of my major seminars and read several of my books.  What I respect the most is he, as with other high performance people, is always improving his skills. 

Troy has also written successful copy for one of my products and is assisting me in my home-study copywriting program. 

While I'm tough on writers, he is one of the best young copywriters in North America today.  I can recommend his services without hesitation"

Sincerely, Ted Nicholas,
The King of Print Advertising




All 25 speakers in immediately

downloadable digital form for only $197

($297 if you want them loaded on a MP3 player

and delivered to your door as well)



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